Development Orientation

BRIO is determined to become a global leader in small-batch, multi-variety high-end electronics manufacturing.

  • 1999年

    Beijing BRIO Technology Co., Ltd. was established
    Focus on EMS business
    3 SMT lines
    SMT& DIP
  • 2002年

    Beijing BRIO Shanghai Branch was established
    4 SMT lines
    SMT& DIP
  • 2005年

    Canada BRIO Company was established
    Develop North American business
    Oversea Sale/Service Office
  • 2006年

    Beijing BRIO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established
  • 2011年

    30,000㎡ Plant opening
    10 SMT Lines
    SMT & DIP
    Box Build
    High Level Assembly
  • 2016年

    Fuzhou BRIO Co., Ltd. was established
  • 2021年

    Market Focus
    Won the title of Beijing Intelligent Manufacturing Benchmarking Enterprise