BRIO continues to ramp up production capacity, and the smart chemical plant is in full swing

Jan 02, 2022 | 26 Likes

In 2020, BRIO built the smart factory. The overall workload of BRIO personnel has been reduced from 100% in the past to 50-60% in the present by connecting people, computers and Internet of things to realize the production information digitization. BRIO realizes the intelligentization and intercommunication from the links of feed, warehouse, production and so on, and improves the production efficiency. BRIO improves product quality, reduces cost, and brings the level of intelligent manufacturing up to the industry's advanced level through level 5 error proofing.

When we think of production lines, we picture machines buzzing and people on the line working in rows and rows. But can you imagine a modern intelligent workshop, the entire production line only 3-5 people, operators only through a computer screen or PDA handheld terminals, can "control" the production of the workshop "every move" ?

Located in the Economic and Technological Development Zones, Hexi District, BRIO's smart factory occupies an area of about 4,230 square metres. At first glance, there is little sign of anyone. "There are 11 smart production lines with just over 70 workers, each of which can weld 2 million electronic component a day, " said He Jie, director of product engineering, this workshop uses the level, the output, the quality, the benefit, the cost, the control and so on many targets in the profession to lead.

In the smart factory, He Jie told reporters, in the smart factory, from the purchase of materials, storage, materials distribution and the entire production process, and finally to materials customs storage. All of the devices communicate with each other through a million-tier cloud server for data exchange and collection.

  "We have a wide range of materials and lots in this industry, and we need to be accurate in terms of the number of pieces and lots. From the purchase stage, we define the uniform bar code material name + batch number, check the accuracy of incoming materials, and binding suppliers. After the material enters the warehouse, the location of the intelligent warehouse is recorded by PDA. Once there is an operation out of the warehouse, the intelligent material rack signal lights up, prompt the warehouse management to pick goods quickly and accurately. The day-to-day management of the warehouse, the books, the objects are aligned in real time and can be traced back to the source,"He Jie said.

Smart Manufacturing gave BRIO a taste. In 2020, many industries were affected to varying degrees. When BRIO resumed production, it focused on the company's existing products and distributed health care products. That's what keeps BRIO growing in 2020."The important parts and components of the suction machine, which we have been steadily supplying to our customers, " He Jie says. " 2021, we will also really open up the whole industry and try to do some really big health care products, like suction machines, thermometers, blood glucose and lipids testing. Using our own smart factory capabilities and our own quality management level to help our current customers improve the stability and consistency of their products after they are put on the market and achieve win-win results for both parties."

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